How to Track Your Ultimate Rewards with Chase


For a long time, it was next to impossible to see how many Ultimate Rewards you had earned with Chase until your statement closed and the points posted to your account.

This was frustrating for a lot of people who wanted to keep a close eye on things and make sure they were swiping as efficiently as possible.

After all, no sense in continuing to charge one card if it no longer earns bonus points, or if there’s a different card that is earning at a higher rate.

Unfortunately, Chase didn’t make it easy to see all these details. In fact, it was hard to see if a purchase earned points in a bonus category, even after the statement posted.

But that has totally changed thanks to a retooling of the Chase Ultimate Rewards website. If you’re a Chase cardmember with a UR-earning card, you should definitely check out the new changes.

Chase Finally Makes It Easy to Track Rewards

bonus earn

Once you log in to the Chase website, simply click on the Ultimate Rewards box on the right sidebar.

Then choose one of your accounts (if you have multiple UR-earning credit cards) and you’ll see a summary of your points and upcoming points.

You can also can see how many points you have remaining in bonus categories that are capped, which is super helpful to avoid any wastage.

For example, my Chase Ink Plus card now shows how many of the 50,000 bonus points I’ve amassed for the 2X categories and the 200k bonus points for the 5X categories.

ink spend

It does so from your account anniversary date so you can see if they’re close to being maxed out for the year. If they are, you can move spend to a different card as you see fit.

Additionally, Chase now lets you easily see which purchases were in bonus categories with a handy “Bonus earn” listed next to each purchase. That is pictured above.

So I can clearly see that my Time Warner Cable bill earned 5X Ultimate Rewards points. It even shows the exact amount, which should put any neurotic mind at ease.

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Chase Freedom Quarterlies Tracked to a T

freedom bonus

If you happen to have Chase Freedom, you can see how much of the 5% cash back category has been earned each quarter.

Same concept here with a nice little progress bar to show how close you are to the $75 quarterly cap.

You can also drill down into your activity and see which transactions earned the “Bonus earn” like I demonstrated with the Chase Ink Plus card.

I also have Chase Sapphire Reserve, and I’m assuming a lot of readers do too. Sure enough, you can track rewards in all the bonus categories and also see if you’ve spent enough to earn that 100,000 point sign-up bonus.

It’ll tell you what you’re expected to earn on your next statement, and if it’s six-digits, you’ve likely spent enough for the bonus.

Also, you can track your $300 annual travel credit to ensure you use it all up each year and don’t overuse it. Each time a qualifying purchase is made, the little circle will get a little more complete until it’s full.

travel credit

Remember, it resets each calendar year, so you can earn $600 in less than 365 days, enough to offset that pesky $450 annual fee.

I’m glad Chase finally did this. I wish American Express would do it too, especially with the Old Blue Cash card that can be real tough to track.

By Colin Robertson

Colin created this blog after spending several years in a job that required him to scour credit reports on a daily basis. His goal is to help individuals better understand their credit and get the most out of credit cards.

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