Hyatt Credit Card from Chase Review

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Hyatt Credit Card from Chase Review

Chase just launched a new hotel rewards credit card, called the “Hyatt Credit Card.”

If you haven’t heard of the hotel chain Hyatt, you probably don’t get out much.

But if you do get out a lot, and more importantly, travel, the Hyatt credit card could be for you.

Let’s take a look at all the important details to assess and pros and cons.

Spend $1,000 = Get Two Nights Free at Hyatt Hotels

If you spend $1,000 within the first three months of cardmembership, you get “2 Award Nights” at Hyatt hotel properties worldwide, which are good for one year from issuance.

And the award nights don’t stick you with any resort or redemption fees, unlike some rewards that actually cost you.

You also get complimentary Internet access, and you can stay in your room until 2pm with a late checkout request.

Hyatt credit card holders are also given access to expedited check-in, along with larger preferred rooms on higher floors.

For existing Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum members, you get two award nights and two suite upgrades after your first purchase.

If you’re already a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member, you get two award nights in a suite.

*Membership status is determined at the time of application.

Essentially, you must already be a Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum or Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member to get the “suite” bonuses mentioned above.

And both platinum and diamond status are determined by how many nights you stay in Hyatt hotels annually.

One Free Night a Year with Hyatt

On top of that welcome bonus, cardholders also get one free award night each year on their card anniversary, for a category 1-4 property.

The category 4 hotels are definitely swanky, boutique style hotels in good locations worldwide.

And these hotels would probably set you back a few hundred dollars for just one weekend night stay.

So that reward alone should more than wipe out the annual fee associated with this card.

You also earn 3 Hyatt Gold Passport® points for each $1 spent at Hyatt properties, 2 Hyatt Gold Passport points for every $1 spent at restaurants, car rental agencies, and on airline tickets purchased directly with the carrier, along with 1 Hyatt Gold Passport point for each $1 spent elsewhere.

And there’s no limit to how many points you can earn.

You can earn a free night with as little as 5,000 points for a category 1 room, with no blackout dates.

hyatt points

The Hyatt Credit Card Numbers

The credit card APR is a variable 15.24% for both purchases and balance transfers, meaning it’s not a good choice for balance transfers.

It’s pretty much in-line with average credit card interest rates, but you certainly shouldn’t carry a balance if you don’t want to be bombarded with finance charges.

[See no fee balance transfers if you want to transfer a balance.]

There is also an annual fee of $75, which I suppose is offset by the free night’s stay you’re rewarded with each year.

Another plus to the Hyatt credit card is that there is no foreign transaction fee, so it’s a great credit card to use when traveling abroad.

Additionally, it’s infused with smart chip protection which secures your card when you travel internationally.

The Verdict

In summary, the new Hyatt credit card from Chase is a great deal if you’re a frequent traveler, especially if you already stay at Hyatt properties.

By the way, there are roughly 500 Hyatt properties worldwide, so you’ll always have options.

Despite the presence of an annual fee, it’s very easy to earn free hotel stays with this card. After all, your get two free nights simply by spending $1,000.

And with the one free night awarded annually, that relatively low fee is offset anyway.

If you’re looking for the most cash back instead, check out the bonus offer from Chase Sapphire.

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