Credit Card Payment and Debt Calculator

If you have multiple credit cards or credit card balance transfers that you’d like to keep track of, check out the Credit Card Debt Calculator tool I made using an Excel spreadsheet.

It allows you to list all your current, active credit cards by creditor, along with the current balances, credit lines, APR percentage, 0% APR period, minimum payment, and payment due date.

It also calculates your total outstanding balance, your aggregate credit line, and your available credit amount and available credit percentage (Fico scores are determined using this type of data).

The calculator is handy if you have trouble keeping track of multiple accounts, or simply need a quick solution to compute your debts and liabilities.

By evaluating your credit profile using this calculator you’ll be able to get a good idea as to how your credit looks to potential creditors, as well as what your credit score may look like.

If you have a large credit line with limited debt and plenty of available credit, you should have a good credit score, assuming you have no major derogatory accounts like collections and/or charge-offs. The reverse is true if you have limited available credit and small aggregate credit line.

The calculator is already filled in with preset data. Add in your own information to personalize the tool based on your unique credit history.

Download the credit card calculator by clicking the link below. Note that you need Microsoft Excel to utilize the calculator.

Credit Card Payment Calculator

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