Apparently New Chase Website Lets You Circumvent 5/24 Rule

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There are swirlings in the blogosphere that the notorious Chase 5/24 rule can be circumvented thanks to the rollout of the bank’s new website.

If you notice your Chase website design has changed, chances are you can take advantage of the new credit card approval process that is both quick and easy and also a potential workaround the 5/24 rule, which stipulates no new Chase UR earning cards if you’ve opened five new credit cards or more in the past two years.

Get Approved for Chase Credit Cards Simply by Entering Your Income

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With the rollout of the new Chase website, existing customers (yes, you already have to be a customer), will see “offers” that are pre-selected for them, this according to the Travel Sisters website.

Once you’re logged in, you might see a banner ad on the screen that tells you a certain card, such as Chase Freedom Unlimited, has been “selected for you.”

From there, you can click to view your offer and related terms. What’s even cooler, you simply have to enter your gross annual income to submit your application.

Instead of the typical long-form application that requires things like your address, social, employment info, and more, you enter one piece of information and hit submit. Yes, just one thing!

That’s the beauty of being an existing client, they already have all your info so they only require one updated thing to get the ball rolling.

I wish all credit card applications were this easy…

Anyway, they reported that they were approved instantly without having to call in to check status (no pending nonsense to deal with here).

Circumvent the 5/24 Rule Too?

Perhaps more exciting, this new method of applying for Chase credit cards can apparently bypass the stringent 5/24 rule.

It’s not guaranteed, obviously, but anecdotal evidence provided by the aforementioned website claims the applicants were all “way over 5/24” and still got approved.

So this might be a new backdoor into a UR-earning Chase credit card if you’re a big-time churner.

I’m also curious how the credit inquiry process works on these applications. My guess is that they still run your credit, but it’d be cool if they somehow didn’t, and instead relied on all your info and the soft pulls they may perform from time to time.

The gals noted that this new offers feature is different than the pre-qualified offers tool you can use with Chase, because the same offers didn’t appear in both.

They also pointed out that the new Chase website doesn’t appear for those who have a linked business account in their profile.

So if you have Chase Ink, you won’t see the new website, at least not initially. I am one of those people, so unfortunately I can’t see these offers or the new design of the site.

But I also have to plan/desire to apply for a new Chase credit card anytime soon, so it’s not an issue for me.

I checked my wife’s account and she didn’t have any credit card offers.  Aside from the banners, you can go to the top-left corner and click the drop-down menu, then select “Your offer.”

To summarize, if you’re desperately trying to get approved for the new great credit card offers from Chase, including Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Ink Preferred, this might be the Christmas present you were waiting for.

Update: This worked for my wife with the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. She was right at 5/24 and was pre-approved via the Chase website and instantly approved once she applied online.


By Colin Robertson

Colin created this blog after spending several years in a job that required him to scour credit reports on a daily basis. His goal is to help individuals better understand their credit and get the most out of credit cards.

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