What Is Credit Card Churning? And Should You Take Part?

When you think of the word “churning,” what’s the first word association that comes to mind? For me, it was “butter,” as in butter churn. But in the finance world, a relatively new and certainly risky practice has emerged, known as “credit card churning,” which has nothing to do with butter. In fact, it has … Continue reading “What Is Credit Card Churning? And Should You Take Part?”

U.S. Bank Cash+ Credit Card Review: Pick Your Own Cash Back Categories

By now, you’re probably used to credit cards that only offer bonus cash back in select categories during certain periods of the year. Perhaps one of the most popular credit cards to offer this revolving rewards structure is the Chase Freedom card. The new Discover it credit card offers the same style of cash back. … Continue reading “U.S. Bank Cash+ Credit Card Review: Pick Your Own Cash Back Categories”

Introducing the Mobile Balance Transfer

If you have a credit card (or two) in your wallet, you’ve likely heard of a balance transfer, which allows consumers to shuffle debt from card to another. They’ve been around a long time, and are used by credit card issuers to drum up business, typically by offering new cardholders 0% APR for some promotional … Continue reading “Introducing the Mobile Balance Transfer”

Experian-Based FICO Score Now Available to Consumers

Back in early 2009, a spat between Fair Isaac (now FICO) and Experian meant consumers could no longer obtain access to all three credit bureaus’ FICO scores without applying for a loan. You could still get your hands on an Equifax and TransUnion FICO score via FICO’s website, but without the third major credit bureau … Continue reading “Experian-Based FICO Score Now Available to Consumers”