A List of Celebrity Credit Cards

It seems like a new celebrity credit card is released every week…I suppose it must be good business. And in an effort to track all these wacky celebrity credit cards, I decided to create an open-ended list. Over time, I will make additions when warranted – if you know of one I left out, please … Continue reading “A List of Celebrity Credit Cards”

Do Consumers with More Credit Cards Have Higher Credit Scores?

An infographic released recently by Credit Karma revealed some interesting characteristics about credit card usage and credit score. For those with so-called excellent credit scores, 750 and higher, the average Credit Karma user had $4,829 in credit card debt on 6.7 credit cards. While nearly seven credit cards may seem excessive, it was the norm … Continue reading “Do Consumers with More Credit Cards Have Higher Credit Scores?”

Square Stand Looks to Replace the Traditional Cash Register

If you haven’t already heard of the company “Square,” you will. They continue to revolutionize the payments industry, and their latest release looks like something straight out of Apple’s design book. The company introduced their latest product this week, the “Square Stand,” which pretty much makes traditional cash registers look like a thing of the … Continue reading “Square Stand Looks to Replace the Traditional Cash Register”

New Chase AARP Credit Card Launched: 3% Cash Back on Gas and Restaurants

If you’re an AARP member, listen up. Chase has teamed up with the organization to offer a great credit card deal to members over 50. First and foremost, the new “AARP Signature Visa Card from Chase” comes with a $100 cash back opening bonus when you spend $500 within the first three months of account … Continue reading “New Chase AARP Credit Card Launched: 3% Cash Back on Gas and Restaurants”

Float Looks to Supplant Credit Cards

A new company named “Float” wants to eradicate credit cards for good, though let’s be honest, there’s no chance of that happening. The company has developed a novel approach to lending, seeing that they offer interest-free loans with no penalties or fees. You may be wondering how that’s even possible. At first glance, it kind … Continue reading “Float Looks to Supplant Credit Cards”

Don’t Commingle Your Purchases and Balance Transfers

As I always say, credit cards make for complicated business. They almost seem designed to confuse consumers, though the issuers wouldn’t agree with that statement. Thankfully, the CARD Act and other recent measures have evened the playing field somewhat over the past several years. But there are still plenty of “traps” if you don’t navigate … Continue reading “Don’t Commingle Your Purchases and Balance Transfers”

Getting a Credit Card If You Rely on a Spouse’s Income

About two years ago, it became a lot more difficult to get approved for a credit card if you relied upon “household income.” The passage of the CARD Act pretty much abandoned that measure of creditworthiness, and instead asked that credit card issuers use an applicant’s total annual income. This was all and good well … Continue reading “Getting a Credit Card If You Rely on a Spouse’s Income”