Statement Balance vs. Account Balance

Credit cards are pretty sophisticated financial instruments. What this means is that one must be responsible if they wish to carry a credit card in their wallet. The seemingly innocuous pieces of plastic can get you into trouble if you aren’t careful, and the last thing you want is a missed credit card payment. Aside … Continue reading “Statement Balance vs. Account Balance”

Priceline Rewards Credit Card Review

Do you like to travel? Are you a big fan of Priceline? If so, do you use the online travel service to book flights and hotels often? Well, if you do, the Priceline Rewards Visa from card issuer Barclaycard (now known simply as Barclays) might be just the credit card for you because it rewards … Continue reading “Priceline Rewards Credit Card Review”

How Are Credit Card Payments Applied to Balances?

Credit card Q&A: “How are credit card payments applied to balances?” Back in the good old days (as far as credit card issuers were concerned), credit card payments applied to balances with the lowest APR first, followed by higher APR balances. This practice was known as negative payment hierarchy, and essentially allowed credit card issuers … Continue reading “How Are Credit Card Payments Applied to Balances?”

Are Credit Card Payments Tax Deductible?

Credit card Q&A: “Are credit card payments tax deductible?” While credit cards provide a ton of benefits to cardholders, there are limits. And I’m not just talking about credit card limits. Sure, credit cards provide convenience, payment protection, a bevy of rewards, and so on. But they can also land consumers in debt because plastic … Continue reading “Are Credit Card Payments Tax Deductible?”

Glyph Review: App Tells You Which Credit Card to Use

A recent objective in the credit card world focuses on maximizing rewards by using the right credit card at the right time. While it sounds simple enough, it’s actually a pretty precise science, and not everyone is a fan of “crunching the numbers.” Over the past several years, credit card issuers have been bombarding consumers … Continue reading “Glyph Review: App Tells You Which Credit Card to Use”