For Most Consumers a Credit Card Is Their First Line of Credit

You can shun credit cards all you want, but understand that more than half of consumers get things started with a credit card. That’s right; a new study from FICO, the brains behind the ubiquitous FICO score, revealed that 50.1% of the population (in the study) opened a bankcard before any other type of account. … Continue reading “For Most Consumers a Credit Card Is Their First Line of Credit”

Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card Review

Only a few short hours ago, I presented the difference between the Amex Green Card and Gold Card. It turned out the two cards were pretty darn similar. Sadly, my analysis doesn’t stop there. I say sadly because I’m tired of typing, but I digress. American Express also offers the so-called “Premier Rewards Gold Card,” … Continue reading “Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card Review”

American Express Green Card vs. Gold Card

These days, American Express seems to have a credit card for every color of the rainbow. They’ve got their notorious Black Amex, the Platinum Card, the Clear Card, the Plum Card (it’s a color too), and of course, the classic Green and Gold cards. Oh, and let’s not forget the company’s range of Blue cards, … Continue reading “American Express Green Card vs. Gold Card”

Warning: Credit Card Surcharges Start Sunday!

Beginning January 27, merchants in the United States (and U.S. Territories) will be permitted to charge so-called “payment card surcharges” or “checkout fees” when customers use credit cards to purchase everyday items. This is a HUGE deal because prior to a class action settlement reached last July with merchants, such practices were deemed illegal, even … Continue reading “Warning: Credit Card Surcharges Start Sunday!”

Changing Your Credit Card Due Date

These days, credit card issuers allow their cardmembers to do all sorts of neat stuff, though much of it isn’t advertised or widely known to the public. One such feature many issuers offer is the ability to choose your own credit card due date, or change your existing credit card due date. Why Change Your … Continue reading “Changing Your Credit Card Due Date”

BillMyParents SpendSmart MasterCard: Good for Your Teen?

A little known company called BillMyParents is about to become a household name thanks to a recent endorsement by pop sensation Justin Bieber. The product Bieber will be pitching is the “SpendSmart MasterCard,” a prepaid card parents can give to their teens as an alternative to cash. Hopefully it will fare better than the short-lived … Continue reading “BillMyParents SpendSmart MasterCard: Good for Your Teen?”

Bync Review: Get Personalized Deals When You Sync Your Credit Cards

These days, it seems to be all about “deals” if you want to get the most out of life (or your money). For example, if you sync your American Express card with Twitter, you’ll gain access to all types of special deals. The same types of deals are available for Capital One app users, or … Continue reading “Bync Review: Get Personalized Deals When You Sync Your Credit Cards”

Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Review

This is perhaps the strangest credit card I have ever come across. In a nutshell, the new “Dynamics ePlate” allows cardholders to constantly load and swap out new rewards on their credit card. So say one day you want to earn a free “Coffee of the Month” delivery, and another day you want to donate … Continue reading “Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Review” Review: An Experian Company

These days, there are literally hundreds of places to get your credit score for free online. Let me start by pointing out that the government-backed website is not one of them (free credit score myth). The big question is which should you use? Do you go with the one constantly advertised on TV that … Continue reading “ Review: An Experian Company”

If You Drive a Volvo, You Probably Have Good Credit

A new auto financing study from credit bureau Experian revealed some interesting credit score trends among drivers. The company found that those who financed their Volvos in the third quarter of 2012 had the highest credit scores of all new car buyers. The average score for drivers of the Swedish automaker was a very respectable … Continue reading “If You Drive a Volvo, You Probably Have Good Credit”