The Credit Score Impact of a Missed Credit Card Payment

To miss a credit card payment is to be human, as the saying goes. Okay, that’s not really a saying, but I think most of us have missed a payment at least once in our lives. For some, it’s learning a lesson, while for others it may just be out of necessity. Heck, there are … Continue reading “The Credit Score Impact of a Missed Credit Card Payment”

Serve from American Express: Prepaid 2.0?

You may have seen advertisements lately for a product called “American Express Serve,” which is being touted by the company as a “digital prepaid account.” But first and foremost, it’s yet another prepaid credit card from American Express, which already offers prepaid credit cards. What gives? Why would they offer another prepaid credit card if … Continue reading “Serve from American Express: Prepaid 2.0?”

More Silly Gadgets: The Credit Card Bottle Opener

Every once in a while, I like to highlight unlikely uses for credit cards, instead of focusing on their rather mundane operating nature. Sure, they can be used to purchase items you wouldn’t normally be able to afford, or to earn cash back rewards, but still, that’s not very exciting. So without further ado, I … Continue reading “More Silly Gadgets: The Credit Card Bottle Opener”

Wallaby Financial: Extreme Credit Card Rewards

Are you one of those people who obsesses over your credit card rewards, constantly trying to determine which will earn you the most points or cash back in a given situation? If so, I don’t blame you – it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing rewards structures set up by the credit card issuers. … Continue reading “Wallaby Financial: Extreme Credit Card Rewards”