United MileagePlus Explorer Card Review – 65,000 Bonus Miles Up for Grabs

It’s that time again, where we take a hard look at a new credit card offer to see if it’s right for you. The latest credit card offer from Chase is the “United MileagePlus Explorer Card.” A bit of a mouthful, but I digress. In case you weren’t sure, it is indeed an airline rewards … Continue reading “United MileagePlus Explorer Card Review – 65,000 Bonus Miles Up for Grabs”

Do Credit Card Companies Verify Income?

Credit card Q&A: “Do credit card companies verify income?” With all the recent rule changes shaking up the industry, you may be wondering how credit card issuers actually determine whether you’ll be approved or denied when applying for a credit card. And while credit scoring is paramount in that decision, other underwriting metrics are also … Continue reading “Do Credit Card Companies Verify Income?”

Chase Sapphire vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred

These days it’s pretty common to see two versions of a certain credit card. The “preferred” version and the “classic” version. And perhaps one of the most popular credit cards doing the premium and standard version is the Chase Sapphire card. While it’s great to have options, knowing what each card offers can be a … Continue reading “Chase Sapphire vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred”

Are Credit Cards with Annual Fees Worth It?

Credit card Q&A: “Are credit cards with annual fees worth it?” There’s probably a misconception out there that all credit cards come with an associated annual fee. While this certainly isn’t true, there are a good number of credit cards that do have an annual fee. But why? Well, some credit card issuers offer special … Continue reading “Are Credit Cards with Annual Fees Worth It?”