How Often to Check Your Credit Report?

Credit Q&A: “How often to check your credit report?” Credit reporting seems to be all the rage these days, now that a ton of companies have realized how profitable the fear of the unknown can be. Now don’t get me wrong – staying on top of your credit history is extremely important, especially when it … Continue reading “How Often to Check Your Credit Report?”

Top 10 Credit Card Companies in the World

Ever wonder who the top credit card issuers in the world are? Or just in the United States? Well, you can put your wonders to rest. As of the end of February, there were 576 million credit cards in circulation in the United States alone, according to CNBC. And U.S. consumer revolving debt was an … Continue reading “Top 10 Credit Card Companies in the World”

How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money?

Credit card Q&A: “How do credit card companies make money?” Credit card companies make money in a variety of different ways. The first and most obvious way is via consumer-related fees. We’ve all paid late fees, over-the-limit fees, and so forth. Credit card companies make a ton by charging fees for all types of different … Continue reading “How Do Credit Card Companies Make Money?”