TransUnion to Offer Free Credit Monitoring to Millions

As part of a long-standing settlement, credit bureau TransUnion plans to offer millions of consumers free credit monitoring services.

It’s the company’s way of saying sorry for all the marketing lists it sold with consumer data over the years, though it says it discontinued the controversial practice in 2001.

To be eligible for “up to nine months of free credit report monitoring,” you must have had an open credit account or line of credit anytime between January 1, 1987 and May 28, 2008.

So that includes virtually millions of people throughout the United States who opened a department store credit card, who had an auto loan, mortgage, student loan, or any other line of credit during that time.

To see if you’re able to receive benefits from the class action settlement, visit this on June 16, when more details are slated be announced.

TransUnion has denied that it broke any laws, instead claiming that the offer is a testament to the company’s integrity and dedication to helping consumers better understand their credit history.  Hmm.

Regardless, this is a great opportunity to check your credit report for free and keep an eye on your credit score for several months.

You can learn a lot about your credit profile this way, and by monitoring it on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll see exactly what impacts your unique credit score most, things like late payments, collections, charge-offs, and so worth.

And if you do see anything that doesn’t look right, you can carry out a credit report dispute and monitor it accordingly.

I look forward to using the free service so long as there aren’t any string attached, which I doubt there will be considering the nature of the offer.

If you decide to use this service, be sure to take a look at my credit score range to see where you stand.

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