What Credit Score Do You Need a Rent an Apartment?

Credit Q&A: “What credit score do you need to rent an apartment?” Like all things credit, nothing is written in stone here, but obviously the higher the credit score the better (what is a good credit score?). Apartment shoppers should realize that not all landlords pull credit, but not bank on it. And even if … Continue reading “What Credit Score Do You Need a Rent an Apartment?”

Get Up to 70k Ultimate Rewards Points When You Apply for Chase Ink

It’s time for another credit card review, this time I’ll be looking at the Ink cards from Chase. This is actually a new credit card line from Chase reserved only for business owners, which the company says comes with business-sized credit limits. That means credit limits large enough to take care of major business purchases, … Continue reading “Get Up to 70k Ultimate Rewards Points When You Apply for Chase Ink”

What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Car?

More fundamental credit Q&A: “What credit score do you need to buy a car?” When it comes to buying or leasing a car, good credit is often a necessity, as most of us can’t just mosey down to the car dealership and buy a car outright. But there isn’t a specific credit score that you … Continue reading “What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Car?”

Chase Slate Credit Card Review – Get a No Fee Balance Transfer!

The “Chase Slate” credit card is popping up a lot on the Internet, so I thought I’d take a look at what this new credit card actually offers. It’s branded as a type of credit management card, using Chase’s Blueprint technology, which allows cardholders to manage financing terms on their own. Cardholders have the ability … Continue reading “Chase Slate Credit Card Review – Get a No Fee Balance Transfer!”

What Credit Card Has the Best Rewards?

Here’s a bit of a subjective question: “What credit card has the best rewards?” The answer to this question is easy. Drum roll please… The best credit card available is…the one that provides you with the most benefits. That’s it. We’re done. See you later. You can stop reading this now. Okay, I’m being dramatic, … Continue reading “What Credit Card Has the Best Rewards?”

Which Credit Card to Pay Off First?

And now the age old question. “Which credit card to pay off first?” Pay the Credit Card with the Highest APR First Well, the short and obvious answer would be to pay the credit card with the highest interest rate (APR). After all, your credit card with 21.99% APR is costing you more than your … Continue reading “Which Credit Card to Pay Off First?”

Are Credit Card Cash Rewards Taxable?

Another frequently asked question that comes up in the credit world: “Are credit card cash rewards taxable?” Often, this question heats up around April, right before taxes are due. And with all the cash back rewards credit cards around these days, it’s no wonder consumers are concerned that they may be taxed for things like … Continue reading “Are Credit Card Cash Rewards Taxable?”

Should I Close My Credit Card?

More credit Q&A: “Should I close my credit card?” So you’ve decided you don’t want your credit card anymore. You don’t use it and it just sits around in your wallet. Either that, or you’ve got spending habits that are out of control and you just want to pay off the credit card and close … Continue reading “Should I Close My Credit Card?”

How Are Credit Card Minimum Payments Calculated?

Let’s address the following timely question: “How are credit card minimum payments calculated?” Since the credit crunch hit, credit card minimum payment requirements have been going up as card issuers attempt to tighten their grip on borrowers’ spending habits. Instead of letting them run up hefty credit card balances, they’re requiring card holders to pay … Continue reading “How Are Credit Card Minimum Payments Calculated?”

What Is an Excellent Credit Score?

For those obsessed with their credit score, I’ll attempt to answer the age old question, “What is an excellent credit score?” For the record, we’re talking about FICO scores, which are far and away the most common and widely used by creditors. The FICO score ranges from 300-850, with higher scores representing a lower risk … Continue reading “What Is an Excellent Credit Score?”