The Most Expensive U.S. Credit Cards

Ever wonder what the rich and famous carry in their respective purses and wallets? Clearly they can’t lug around bags of cash, so how do they make all those super expensive purchases? Well, like everything else in life, there’s another level of luxury you rarely hear about if you don’t run in that circle. Let’s … Continue reading “The Most Expensive U.S. Credit Cards”

Study Suggests Rude People Have the Best Credit Scores

Ever heard the expression, “nice guys finish last?” Well, the same principle could be true about your credit scores. A new study from researchers at LSU, Texas Tech, and Northern Illinois University discovered an interesting correlation between personality and credit scores. Specifically, they found that those who are more disagreeable and downright rude have a … Continue reading “Study Suggests Rude People Have the Best Credit Scores”

One in Five Believe the Ability to Speak English Determines Your Credit Score

File this under amazing, or perhaps inane. But a staggering 21.6 percent of those surveyed in a new Visa poll believe the ability to speak English can determine your credit score. The survey of credit score myths found a number of other misconceptions about credit scoring, with that perhaps the most ridiculous. What else seemed … Continue reading “One in Five Believe the Ability to Speak English Determines Your Credit Score”

Credit Cards Are About to Get Really Popular

In case you somehow haven’t heard, large banks, most notably Bank of America, plan to start charging customers who use their debit cards to make everyday purchases. B of A plans to charge customers $5 per month starting next year to recoup income lost as a result of new restrictions on interchange fees, otherwise known … Continue reading “Credit Cards Are About to Get Really Popular”

Top 10 Credit Card Companies in the World

Ever wonder who the top credit card issuers in the world are? Or just in the United States? Well, you can put your wonders to rest. As of the end of February, there were 576 million credit cards in circulation in the United States alone, according to CNBC. And U.S. consumer revolving debt was an … Continue reading “Top 10 Credit Card Companies in the World”

The Visa Black Card Review

The new “Visa Black Card” was finally released. It is coined as “not just another piece of plastic,” both literally and figuratively, because it’s made out of carbon graphite, not the soft cheap plastic we’ve all become accustom to. Following in the footsteps of the infamous and rather elusive Black American Express card, the Visa … Continue reading “The Visa Black Card Review”

A Peak Inside the Chinese Credit Card Industry

You may think it’s cruel when your credit card issuer charges you a late fee or an over-the-limit penalty, but imagine if your name was printed in the paper for all to see if you failed to pay your bills on time. And if that’s not enough for you, picture being hauled to jail for … Continue reading “A Peak Inside the Chinese Credit Card Industry”

medFICO Score Coming to a Hospital Near You

With the help of Fico score founder Fair Isaac, Healthcare Analytics plans to roll out the controversial “medFICO” this year, a credit scoring system that tracks patient billing data from hospitals nationwide. The idea was developed in an effort to determine a patient’s ability to repay medical bills, not before they receive treatment, but only … Continue reading “medFICO Score Coming to a Hospital Near You”

Capital One to Report Credit Limits to Bureaus

Capital One has announced that it will report credit limits on its credit cards to all 3 major credit bureaus amid criticism from consumer and industry groups. The move will also help improve card holder’s credit scores, which likely suffered from a lack of information regarding the credit lines many had established with Capital One. … Continue reading “Capital One to Report Credit Limits to Bureaus”

New Bill May Block Credit Cards for Illegals

It was reported by the Wall Street Journal that Bank of America will begin offering credit cards without the need for a social security number or credit history. These credit cards are likely aimed at illegal immigrants, mainly Hispanics who lack citizenship, but whose population continues to grow exponentially in the United States. The terms … Continue reading “New Bill May Block Credit Cards for Illegals”